Welcome to My World!

Hi, I am glad that you are visiting me here! My name is Su Min and my hobby is writing. I started writing when I was pregnant with my daughter in 1993 and although Chinese is my first language, I still prefer to write in English. Since then I have produced more than 40 short stories. You could also visit me at http://www.leegoldielocks.com to read my other more lengthy ones. But unlike the girl goldilocks with the three bears I don’t like porridge! My favourite foods are coffee, sugar and sour plums. They are supposed to be bad for the health so I exercise to ward off the effects of an unhealthy diet. I used to be a shopperholic but now my preoccupation is to save money. My stories are based on part experiences, books I read and people I met but actually a lot of imagination has been put into it. So there! They are fictions and I hope that you like the protagonist in each story, and also that you find the storyline works for you. They are a never ending tale. Happy reading!